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Vložíme kousek zvulkanizovaného tmelu do sklenice s vodou. Silikón a akryl nákup a rezervácia v OBI. Vytvořte strukturu plastovým nebo polyuretanovým hladítkem. Opravdová kráska z kvalitního silikonu. Výborně odolává povětrnostním vlivům, stárnutí, vlhkosti, čistícím prostředkům, praskání a blednutí.

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Lukopren N Lukopren N Two-component silicone rubber The highly viscous polymeric fluid-limited paste vulcanizes to a compact and hard silicone rubber after mixing with the catalyst at normal temperatures. Production of molds and castings, copying of reliefs and building elements from oblique walls. Packaging: carton including catalyst ; 5, 10 kg bucket Two-component silicone rubber The Purchase this product is subjected to age of majority Close Yes, I am over 18 years old Are you over 18 years old?

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Custom made Due to our long experience and our own development department, we are able to customize the technical parameters of our products according to specific customer requirements.

Both in the field of silicone mastics and rubbers, as well as in the field of industrial chemistry, we can prepare the product exactly for your technology. We're ready to help you solve your problem.

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If you are interested, please contact us. This product is exported to the whole world.

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The production capacity of Synhydrid was extended in Project Innovation of the reducing agent Synhydrid and its production process is co-financed by the European Union. The audit verifies the management and maintenance of ethical behavior of the firm within the supply chain.

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March 23, Anniversary of Foundation The foundation of our company in Kolín should be reminded. Our history began to be written in Kolín years ago. Zvyseny clen se silikonem a few Czech chemical companies can boast of this long-lasting continuous activity.

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