KONTROLNI ENGLISH COME.. rodičovská kontrola

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He must KONTROLNI ENGLISH COME. lost control.

"kontrolní orgán" in English

When it comes to dancing, you have to lose control and let the music take over. How did this get so out of control?

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  • He must have lost control.

Drinking equals losing control equals someone gets dead. So, you think it might be unprofessional to lose control of your emotions like that?

No way I'm losing control of this. Keep a tight leash on him, we can't lose control of him at this point Something about those woods made you lose control.

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Caterina should forfeit control of the province and take her place as a woman. Even a God can lose control.

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How could I lose control? Lie to you and lose all control of my son? Percy must have lost control of the trigger, or it was destroyed.

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Logan is under pressure from his board, and if he doesn't close this deal soon, he might lose control of his company. The car must have lost control, come off the road, gone down the embankment and burst into flames.

"kontrolní" in English

It would tell me you don't want to lose control of your faculties, or your nerve. The car must have lost control, come off the road, gone down the embankment, and burst into flames. To have that experience of awe!

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QED You don' t want to lose control opensubtitles2.